Esther Laniyan is a graduate of Sports Therapy and the founder of Star Touch Therapy, a mobile service, specializing in deep tissue and sports massage. Star Touch Therapy is a limited company.
Esther studied at the University of East London where she graduated receiving a BSc. Hons in Sports Therapy. Esther has managed to test and work diligently to the ethos of putting the needs of clients at the forefront of her service over the years; working with a range of injuries and needs. Esther has provided treatment to both amateur and professional athletes, in various settings including but not limited to Football Clubs, Injury clinics, as well as various sporting events.
Star Touch Therapy aims to provide a holistic, spa environment in the comfort of your own home, equipped with luxurious oils, towels and linen.We provide licensed therapists across London and surrounding areas. Our therapists are trained and are able to assess musculoskeletal injuries as well provide rehabilitation in the form of massage, electrotherapy and exercise therapy.

Our therapists have received training from The University of East London, Gateway Workshops and Lava Shells.