Star Touch Therapy is a luxury wellness service offering Sports Therapy treatments and massage training. At Star Touch Therapy, we believe that taking care of the body is integral to maintaining a healthier and longer life. Which is why, we educate our clients on preventative measures and ways to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives to reduce the risk of injury and disease.

We focus on supporting individuals to overcome injury, enhance physical performance and maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. Our mission is to ensure that sports therapy services are accessible to all, irrespective of their background, age or socio economic status. We focus on evidence-based recovery protocols as well as sharing our knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life of every individual we encounter. Star Touch Therapy aims to provide a holistic, spa environment in the comfort of your own home, equipped with luxurious oils, towels and linen.We provide licensed therapists across London and surrounding areas. Our therapists are trained and are able to assess musculoskeletal injuries as well provide rehabilitation in the form of massage, electrotherapy and exercise therapy.